Friday, October 3, 2008

Fighting to Find a Cure at the Duke Comprehensive Cancer Center

For the last three years, I've been honored to chair the Citizen's Advisory Council (CAC) at the Duke Comprehensive Cancer Center (DCCC). This is the oldest volunteer Board at the Cancer Center, and my father chaired it in the late 1980's. My brother died of leukemia in 1983 at the age of twenty-five, and fighting back against this dreadful disease has really become my family's mission. So I'm especially honored to be involved with this organization. Our commitment to the DCCC is why The Harris Partners makes a contribution each year in honor of each of our clients and partners.

Our fall meeting was today, and I always come back from these meetings with such hope that we will be able to turn cancer into a chronic disease one day. Already, such progress has been made and those at Duke who lead this fight are truly heroes.

Today, my great friend, Josh Sommer, spoke to our group. Josh was diagnosed in 2006 with chordoma, a rare from of bone cancer. He was a freshman at Duke at the time. Following successful surgery, he and his mother founded The Chordoma Foundation. In just two years, their accomplishments have been nothing short of amazing. You can read more about Josh and his great work at