Sunday, July 26, 2009

Neil's Healing Heart

Those of you who know me or visit my website know about my support for the Duke Comprehensive Cancer Center. In fact, it is my passion.

Over the years, I have gotten to know, and have become very close to so many wonderful people there - patients, nurses, volunteers, physicians - to say they are a remarkable lot would be an understatement.

One physician I am so very proud to call my dear friend is Dr. Neil Spector. Neil and I are the same age, and we graduated from college the same year - he from UNC and me from Duke. So I always like to tease him about that. He's good at giving it back to me as well!

We have known for some time that Neil's heart has been weak as a result of an illness many years ago. His condition has been especially weakening for the past several months. Well, I got a phone call from a mutual friend on Monday afternoon, telling me that Neil had just completed heart transplant surgery! I had no idea he was in such dire circumstances, and to be honest, was kind of glad I wasn't privy to the events of last weekend leading up to this decision!

The great news is that Neil is doing wonderfully well! He was out of Intensive Care within 48 hours, and is walking about 2 miles each day around the halls! A true miracle! I have a feeling that he will be impossible to reign in once he's out of the hospital and back at work!

We are all so grateful for his return to good health and are thinking so much about the selfless decision his donor's family made that has allowed us to have Neil healthy again. God bless them.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Chicago in July!

We just got back from three wonderful days in Chicago, where we filmed the interviews for the ICFA's Lifetime Achievement Awards.

As I mentioned in previous post, this has become a project that we all look forward to every year. We have met so many amazing people, and this year was no exception. We reviewed the footage last week and editing all of these great interviews down to two 5-minute tribute videos is going to be challenge! There is so much to work with!

Thees videos will be shown in Chicago on September 23 at Union Station as a part of the ICFA's 50th Annual Apollo Awards. Last year (2008) was the first year we had produced these videos, and the morning after the presentation, a reporter came up to me and asked if my company had produced the videos shown the previous evening. When I replied that, yes, we had, he said "On a scale of one to ten, last year's (2007) videos were a 4. This year, they were a 12!" We obviously were so proud and felt just great!

We're looking forward to participating again this year!