Friday, July 17, 2009

Chicago in July!

We just got back from three wonderful days in Chicago, where we filmed the interviews for the ICFA's Lifetime Achievement Awards.

As I mentioned in previous post, this has become a project that we all look forward to every year. We have met so many amazing people, and this year was no exception. We reviewed the footage last week and editing all of these great interviews down to two 5-minute tribute videos is going to be challenge! There is so much to work with!

Thees videos will be shown in Chicago on September 23 at Union Station as a part of the ICFA's 50th Annual Apollo Awards. Last year (2008) was the first year we had produced these videos, and the morning after the presentation, a reporter came up to me and asked if my company had produced the videos shown the previous evening. When I replied that, yes, we had, he said "On a scale of one to ten, last year's (2007) videos were a 4. This year, they were a 12!" We obviously were so proud and felt just great!

We're looking forward to participating again this year!

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